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June's 100 Club Winners


The winning numbers from June's 100 Club draw.

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Crossroads Wins Extraordinary Islanders Award


The Crossroads team have won the Extraordinary Islanders Award for Caring for the Vulnerable.

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Crossroads Home Interiors Store to Temporarily Close


After 10 years on Windsor Road, our Home Interiors Store will be closing.

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May's 100 Club Winners


The winning numbers from May's 100 Club draw.

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Joshuah Completes Captain Tom 100 Challenge for Crossroads


Joshuah Barlow has cycled 22 miles to raise money for Crossroads.

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April's 100 Club Winners


The winning numbers from April's 100 Club draw.

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March's 100 Club Winners


The winning numbers from March's 100 Club draw.


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February's 100 Club Winners


The winning numbers from February's 100 Club draw.

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Young Carers Receive Easter Treat


120 young carers from across the Island have received Easter eggs donated by Quilter International. 

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Children Celebrate Young Carers Action Day


On 16th March we asked children across the Island to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up to celebrate Young Carers Action Day. 

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