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The State of Caring 2022-2023

In September 2022, Crossroads and the Department of Health and Social Care released a survey asking carers to tell us about what life is like for carers and how caring impacts on everyday life.

We asked a mix of closed questions (ones with a list of answers to pick from) and open questions (ones which let people write in their own answers).

In total, 566 carers responded to the survey which provided a very valuable insight into the caring role and the importance of making sure there is support available for carers within our community. Supporting carers will enable them to balance the management of their own needs whilst caring for others.

Next Steps

We are grateful to everyone who took the time to tell us how we can improve support for carers in the Isle of Man. The information you gave us will be used to help Crossroads and the Department of Health and Social Care create a National Carer Strategy and Delivery Plan that aims to make meaningful improvements and better outcomes for carers.

The National Carer Strategy and Delivery Plan will be published in Summer 2023.

As part of the carer survey there was a separate survey specifically focusing on young carers. In recognition of the differing roles between adult and young carers, Crossroads and the Department will publish the findings of this survey in the coming months to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Crossroads’ Young Carers project.

You can see the full breakdown of results in our Carer Survey Report, which can be read in full below: 

The State of Caring in the Isle of Man 2022-2023

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