Carers Strategy Launched

In partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care, Crossroads has produced a Carers Strategy which recognises the importance and contribution of carers in our society – and makes commitments to ensure they are better supported, valued and included.

The strategy has been created using feedback from feedback from the 2022 'State of Caring' survey where carers were asked to share their experiences and comments about what life is like for them. 

The strategy is designed to address the challenges that were raised in the 'State of Caring' report, and aims to continue raising awareness of carers, their positive impact of the health and care system and how they support our strategic direction of providing more care at home and in the community.

It makes clear that carers should be seen as people first and looks to improve support, access to respite, and further inclusion of carers in the decisions or care plans of the people they look after.

The strategy will be discussed in Tynwald in June, and can be viewed using the link below. 


Carers Strategy

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