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Staff Profile: Billie Hall


Billie Hall, Young Carers Team Lead, staff profile.

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Crossroads Announces a New Charity Shop and Community Space


Crossroads is opening a new charity shop and community space in Spring 2023. 

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Rossborough Raise £500 for Crossroads


Local company Rossborough have raised £500 for Crossroads.

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Charlie's New Year's Day Dip


Charlie Callow has raised £319 for the Crossroads Nursery.

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St Marks Village Fair Raises £1,500 for Crossroads


The St Marks Village Fair has raised £1,500 for Crossroads.


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Zurich Donates £1,000 to Crossroads


Zurich Isle of Man have donated £1,000 to Crossroads.

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Jack's Mini Parish Walk for Crossroads


One of our lovely Nursery children, Jack, has raised £158 for Crossroads. 

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Manx Lottery Trust Award Crossroads Funding for Mental Health First Aid Training


Crossroads staff will receive mental health first aid training thanks to funding from Manx Lottery Trust. 

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Crossroads Gets a New Delivery Van


Crossroads has a new delivery van!

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FC Isle of Man Supports Young Carers


Local team FC Isle of Man have given Crossroads' Young Carers project 20 tickets for their next match.

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