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Around two thirds of our annual £1.5 million target comes from fundraising. Through community events such as bake sales and fun days, grants from trusts and foundations, and corporate support, we are able to raise funds that allow us to continue our work in supporting local carers and increasing awareness of caring.

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If you would like to host your own fundraising event check out our A-Z of ideas below.

Afternoon tea party, auction, abseil

B Bake sale, bingo, baked bean bath, black tie event, bag pack

C Coffee morning, cinema night, car wash

D Dress down day, dog walking, dance marathon

E Egg and spoon race, Easter egg hunt

F Fancy dress, fun day, face painting, football match

G Garden party, games night

H Head shave, honesty box

I It’s a Knockout

J Jumble sale, jazz evening

K Karaoke night

L Lucky dip, line dancing, ladies day

M Marathon, murder mystery evening, matched giving

N Name the …

O Office collection, open garden,

P Parachute jump, pamper day, pancake toss competition

Q Quiz night

R Raffle, race night, rounders tournament

S Sponsored silence, sweepstake, skydiving

T Tombola, treasure hunt

U Uniform free day        

V Vintage sale, Valentine’s Day event

W Window cleaning, wax it, walking

X X Factor competition

Y Yoga morning

Z Zumba


Choose a Location

Once you have decided what kind of fundraiser you want to hold you can choose the best location. See what local venues have availability and ask if any of them would charge a reduced rate. 

Pick a Date

Once you have a location in mind you can pick a date. Check to see if there are any other events on to avoid clashes.

Make a Plan

Now you have the location and date sorted you can make a plan! Fundraisers always run more smoothly if you're organised so make a list of everything you need to do to avoid any surprises later on. 

Call in a Few Favours

Do you know any bake off stars? Or a face painting genius? Ask around to see if you can get some help for your event.

Shout About It!

You can't raise any money if no one knows about your event so make sure you tell everyone about it! Let them know what you're doing and why. And don't forget to update everyone after the event to let them know how much you have raised.


Don't forget about posters! Pin them up in shops, cafes, local notice boards and around your workplace.

Get Online

When it comes to fundraising the internet can be a great place to help promote your event. Set up a fundraising page to collect online donations and spread the word on your social media.

Enjoy It

Most of all, ENJOY IT! Fundraising is meant to be fun so make sure you enjoy yourself in the lead up to the event and on the day. 


Check out our top tips to ensure your fundraiser is a success! 

Set a Target

Having a fundraising total can be a great way to motivate yourself. Set yourself a target and see if you can reach it! 

Make Headlines

If you're holding a big event why not broadcast it? Let the local newspapers and radio stations know and they might be able to help you publicise your event. 

Keep it Safe

Carry out a quick health and safety check prior to your event to make sure you know about any issues that may occur. If you need any help with this please get in touch with our PR/Fundraiser who can help you. You will also need to check if you need any insurance or licences for your fundraiser.

Let Us Know

Don't forget to let us know about your fundraiser! We can promote it on our website and social media pages, and put posters up around our buildings to help spread the word.

Remember Your Inspiration 

Remember why you are doing it. Do you know someone who is a carer or has been effected by caring? Do you want to help your local community? Whatever your reason is for fundraising make sure you always remember it. With your help we can improve the lives of more carers. 


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