Carers Strategy Approved by Tynwald

Earlier this week, the Carers Strategy 2024-2034 was approved by Tynwald.

This is a huge step forward in our mission of improving the lives of carers in the Isle of Man, and we are delighted that the strategy has been so well received.

Together with the Department of Health and Social Care, Manx Care, other Government departments we can now begin working on the actions set out in the strategy.

The first areas of focus will include targeting ‘first points of contact’ to help identify carers and signpost them to relevant places of support and information and reviewing current respite provision.

We will also be carrying out our bi-annual ‘State of Caring’ survey later this year, which is designed to help us to understand what life is like for carers, and will be creating an accessible area on our website where carers can find relevant information.

Although this is only the start of our journey to create an Island where carers can feel recognised, listened to and supported, we are really proud to have created this strategy with the DHSC and its approval is a big achievement in acknowledging the invaluable contribution carers make to our community.

The full Carers Strategy can be viewed via the link below, and we will continue to update you with information, news and developments.


Carers Strategy

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