Crossroads Announces a New Charity Shop and Community Space

Crossroads is opening a new charity shop and community space in Spring 2023. 

Located in Tynwald Street, Douglas, the new premises will have a charity shop on the ground floor and a dedicated community space on the first floor. The community space will initially be a chance for anyone to come for refreshments in a warm and welcoming environment, with plans to open it up to other community groups in the near future. The space will also offer dedicated sessions for carers and has private rooms for form filling and support. 

The charity is currently looking for donations to help create this community space, with items such as mugs, plates and cutlery needed. They are also asking for monetary donations too. 

If you would like to make a donation please get in touch. 

An opening date for the new charity shop and community space will be announced shortly, as well as a date for a welcome day.  

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