Will's Walk for Crossroads

Will DerbyshireWill Derbyshire has taken on a sponsored walk for Crossroads. 

Will has been attending the Crossroads Community Venture (CCV) project since 2017. Will is a valued member of the team and has worked incredibly hard during his time with CCV, and has secured a work placement at Isle of Man Advertising, which he enjoys very much!

Will popped into the office last week to give Crossroads a cheque for £50. Earlier this year Will took it upon himself to walk along the Old Railway Lines from Peel to Douglas, and back again, and he was very proud to tell us that he walked over 19 miles!

A huge well done to Will for taking on the walk and for asking for sponsorship for Crossroads! We are so grateful that he took on this challenge, and are very proud to have him as a member of CCV. 

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