Manx Lottery Trust Fund New Minibus for Crossroads

Manx Lottery Trust MinibusIn 2018, Manx Lottery Trust very generously donated £30,000 to Crossroads to enable us to purchase a brand new minibus.

Under their Community Awards Scheme, the Trust helps to improve communities and the lives of people most in need by funding projects that aim to do this. 

Last year, we were finally able to purchase a new minibus thanks to the help of the Trust. Crossroads relies on it's minibuses to run services. Projects such as Young Carers and Social Club pick clients up from their homes and also drop them off, so the minibuses are essential to us being able to operate. 

Our new minibus is also fitted with a state of the art tail lift that allows us to transport our clients who are in wheelchairs and those with mobility issues.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Manx Lottery Trust for their donation, as without it we would not have been able to purchase the minibus. It has already made a huge difference to both our service users and staff, as we are now able to offer more transportation and a more comfortable journey, so from everyone at Crossroads, thank you so much!

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