Crossroads Wins Extraordinary Islanders Award

The Crossroads team have won the Extraordinary Islanders Award for Caring for the Vulnerable.

Extraordinary Islanders was set up in late 2020 to celebrate the amazing people in our community and how they came together during the pandemic. The campaign was described as ‘an opportunity to applaud those who have stepped up in 2020 and shine a light on the marvellous, tenacious, compassionate, selfless and all-round amazing Manxies that surround us.’

Sponsored by Ramsey Crookall, Nominees in the Caring for the Vulnerable category were described as those who ‘have shown bravery and strength in caring for those who are vulnerable during the pandemic, and gone above and beyond what is expected of them to make things easier for those they look after.’

We were honoured to have been nominated in this category as there are so many incredible people who supported the vulnerable during the pandemic.

Crossroads PR/Fundraiser, Megan Faragher, said: “We are always so proud of our team for the work they do every day, but their response to the Covid-19 pandemic was nothing short of incredible! Their resilience, care and dedication to supporting our Island’s most vulnerable people was amazing and this award reflects everything they have achieved over the last year. A huge thank you and well done to every single one of the Crossroads team!”

As a prize, our staff have been awarded with a Wine Tasting evening at Wine Down.

We would also like to congratulate all of the other winner and nominees - our Island is full of some truly inspirational people!

Finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to the Extraordinary Islanders team for putting on such a wonderful event on Friday, and for running such a brilliant campaign!

We’re feeling very proud of our wonderful Island!

The Crossroads Team at the Extraordinary Islanders Party
Pictured: the Crossroads Team at the Extraordinary Islanders Party

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