Crossroads Manx Workshop

Crossroads Manx Workshop Roundal RGBWe are delighted to announce that on 1st January 2021, Crossroads took over the running of the Manx Workshop for the Disabled, with it being renamed Crossroads Manx Workshop. 

Since it was founded in 1983, the Workshop has helped people with disabilities realise their full potential whilst providing them with paid employment. The Workshop offers a valuable therapeutic service to a number of individuals with health conditions and disabilities living on Island and strives to empower individuals through training and skills building. 

All 9 of the Workshop’s staff have stayed on and a new Workshop Manager, Tim Harris, has been appointed to oversee the day to day running of the Workshop. The Workshop offers a range of services including engraving, wooden furniture and company seals, and also creates bespoke products and welcomes any ideas. In recent years it has been involved in several big projects including commemorative pieces and theatre sets. 

Crossroads’ CEO, Jackie Betteridge, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Workshop to the Crossroads family. Over the years the Workshop has helped a number of individuals with disabilities realise their potential, and we will continue to build on this to help more people build their confidence and self-belief. We are very excited to watch the Workshop grow and look forward to working with the team to develop their business.”

Crossroads Manx Workshop will continue to provide the same services as the Manx Workshop for the Disabled and will also be looking to offer new products in the coming year.

We will also be launching a brand new Facebook page for the Workshop, as well as a dedicated page on our website. 

We are all very excited to welcome the Workshop family to Crossroads and look forward to continuing their wonderful work in the future. 

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