Environment & Facilities

Located behind Masham Court, at the top of Victoria Avenue in Douglas, Crossroads' Nursery environment is open plan with different activities offered dependent upon our current topic or theme, although we believe in listening and responding to the children as they express themselves. We respond to what inspires your child and follow their lead in play whenever the opportunity arises.


Examples of activities your child may participate in:

Free play
Circle Time
Sand and Water play
Art and craft
Music time and singing
Story Time

There is a large play area at the rear of the nursery and we encourage outdoor play as much as possible throughout the year.

The nursery has a bathroom with child sized toilets, sinks, and a pull down changing table. This bathroom is easily accessible to the children at all times.

As an inclusive nursery, we bring together our under 2 and over 2 age groups for certain parts of the day as both older and younger children can learn from each other through socialising and play.