The State of Caring in the Isle of Man

Crossroads Care has published a report that outlines the current condition of caring in the Isle of Man.

‘The State of Caring in the Isle of Man 2018-2019’ details the impact caring is currently having on the health and wellbeing of carers and their employment and educational opportunities, as well as the financial and social implications caring can have. The report has been written and researched by Crossroads’ PR/Fundraiser Megan Faragher, and is based on results gathered from the Carer's Survey which was carried out last year. The survey was designed to gain insight about how local carers truly feel about their caring role and to ensure Crossroads' services were reflecting the actual wants and needs of carers. From the survey it was clear that carers living in the Isle of Man do not currently feel that they are receiving enough help to allow them to live meaningful lives. ‘The State of Caring in the Isle of Man’ highlights how caring can affect all aspects of those who provide care and highlights concerns to be addressed.

Crossroads Care’s CEO Jackie Betteridge said: ‘’The State of Caring in the Isle of Man’ is an extremely important document in terms of showing how our carers are not being appropriately supported. The statistics and comments in the report highlight that more must be done to improve the lives of carers and ensure their ability to provide care in the future and therefore it is essential that we help them. Crossroads is currently providing over 160,000 hours of care every year to support carers but we all must work together to ensure all carers in the Isle of Man are reached and supported to ensure their caring journey is not a negative experience.’

The report also sets out recommendations that Crossroads believes are realistic and achievable. The recommendations include strategies that, if implemented, could improve the lives of local carers and increase awareness and information surrounding carers. The recommendations also highlight the need for more documentation to be published in relation to caring in the Isle of Man to ensure carers are acknowledged for the work they do.

The full report can be found here

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