Crossroads Celebrate Ex-Chairperson, David Gawne MBE

IMG 3702This week we celebrated Crossroads’ ex-Chairperson, David Gawne MBE.

David has been our Chairperson for over 30 years, and last year made the decision to step down from the Board. David has been a huge part of Crossroads and has continually campaigned for the rights of carers. He has been instrumental in getting carers recognised both publicly and in Government statute

David’s retirement reception gave us all a chance to celebrate the work he has done for our charity and our Island’s carers. We were delighted that the Lieutenant Governor and Lady Gozney hosted the reception and it was lovely to see all of David’s family, friends and colleagues come together to celebrate him and the work he has done as Chair.

We are all extremely grateful for the work David has done for Crossroads as Chairperson and we are very sad to see him go. David will always be part of the Crossroads family and we would all like to thank him for his dedication and passion over the past 30 years. 

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