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Crossroads Care Jump for Joy as Parachutists Raise Funds


Earlier this year, Crossroads Care appealed to supporters to take part in a parachute jump in aid of the charity.

Several island residents have completed the jump with others still to travel to the UK to complete an accelerated freefall, tandem skydive or static line jump.

The total raised from those who have jumped to date amounts to over £3,000. Notably, Vivienne Moore raised £1,113 and Mukunda Mesuria raised £500 with Deloitte LLP match funding Mukunda’s total.

Vivienne Moore said: “The jump was terrifying but the support I received encouraged me to take the leap out of the plane, which was cruising at more than 10,000 feet. The money will go to a fantastic cause, supporting children and adults with additional care needs and the family members who care for them, so it was worth it. I would jump again in a heart beat if someone offered me £1,000 to help Crossroads”.

Mukunda added: “Massive thank you to everyone who challenged me to do this, and helped to raise funds for this incredible charity. In particular, I would like to say thanks to Corkills Pharmacy for their generosity and Crossroads for the opportunity. I highly recommend everyone try this – what an experience!”

Alex Wilson, Crossroads Care Fundraising Coordinator, said: “The response has been fantastic. It’s a great opportunity for island residents to travel to Lancaster to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity that also supports our charity. Some individuals have gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts, raising more than necessary to jump, which is heart warming”.

For those who are reading this and thinking I would like to do a skydive, you still have the opportunity with jumps at 20 different sites across the UK throughout the summer months.

For more information contact Alex Wilson of Crossroads Care on 673103 or email awilson@crossroadsiom.org for an information pack.