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CCV are Going to the 2019 Special Olympics!

Special Olympics

Next month 3 members of our Crossroads Community Venture (CCV) team are jetting off to the 2019 Special Olympics. This year the event is being held in Abu Dhabi!

Paul, Rebecca and Andrew will each be taking part in their respective sports over the course of the event.

Paul is a gymnast and will be taking part in 6 different gymnastics events including floor, vault, rings, balance bars, pommel horse and high bar. Rebecca, also a gymnast, is taking part in floor, vault, uneven bars and the balance beam. Andrew will be taking part in various swimming events including front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

The Olympics will begin on 14th March and will end with a closing ceremony on 21st March.

Everyone at Crossroads would like to wish Paul, Rebecca and Andrew good luck for the Olympics and we are all looking forward to seeing how you get on.