A Crossroads Celebration

On Saturday night our staff got together for a night of celebration.

During the Covid-19 pandemic our staff worked incredibly hard to continue providing community care. We are so proud of the whole team for how they responded during that time and wanted to have a night to celebrate and thank them!

We had staff who took on new roles, staff who worked extra hours so more carers could be supported, and staff who continually went the extra mile. It was a real team effort and every single person played their part.

We couldn’t ask for a better team and would like to thank them again for their hard work, dedication and commitment during the pandemic. Saturday was a chance for us all to celebrate together and we certainly danced the night away!

A huge thank you to Cycle 360for hosting us, providing the delicious food, and to their staff who helped us party the night away! A special thanks also to Sacha who helped us organise the party and made everything as easy as possible so we didn’t have to worry about a thing! Thank you as well to Allan Vannin for providing the music, POP for the incredible balloons, and Taylor Made Cakes for the amazing cupcakes!

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has affected us all this year, but one positive thing that has come out of it for us is that it has shown everyone what we already knew, that our team are the absolute best.

For all the photos please visit our Facebook page

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