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Crossroads Manx Workshop, previously the Manx Workshop for the Disabled, was founded in 1983. Over the years, it has helped people with disabilities realise their full potential whilst proving them with paid employment.

The Workshop offers a valuable therapeutic service to a number of individuals with health conditions and disabilities living in the Isle of Man. This is achieved by empowering individuals through training and skills building and giving them the opportunity to be involved in creating high quality products and taking part in big projects that require a range of skills. This can also help build confidence and develop personal skills.

Crossroads Manx Workshop also works with the Job Centre to assist and encourage people with disabilities to move into the world of work.

In 2021, the Workshop was renamed to the Crossroads Manx Workshop and became part of the Crossroads family.

The Workshop consists of a friendly and enthusiastic team that make a wide variety of products, from the engraving of trophies to designing garden benches.



"Because of Crossroads I have been able to get back into work. The team have always been very supportive and have helped me develop skills to make returning to work an easier process." Matthew, Aged 32


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